Directions: Click on the link after each question to find the answer to that question. Print out this worksheet to record your answers!external image Moonanim.gif

1. Why can’t people live on the moon?
2. What was the name of the first human to set foot on the Moon?
3.How is the moon like the desert? (What does it have?)
4. What are craters?
5. .Why is it easy to move around on the moon?
6. Why is it impossible to explore the Moon without a spacesuit?
7. What is the temperature like on the moon?
8. How much would you weigh on the moon? (Type in how many pounds you weigh and then click "Go:")
9. What is the surface of the moon like?
10. How many phases of the moon are there? (look at the picture)
11. What phase is the moon in today?

Now For Some Moon Games!
NASA Kids Club Space Place Lunar Game Center

Created by Mrs. Maureen Schoenberger