We know that Waterhouse Hawkin's research is hidden in Central Park. We've been to our version of Central Park and with the aid of our GPS we have found the bones. Now what?
Your excavation is done and now you have a pile of bones. You have to identify the dinosaur and get them ready for display in the museum. You want the museum to earn a profit. Your idea....create trading cards to sell in the gift shop. Everyone will want one to match their favorite dinosaur what they see at the museum.


Your team will use the "Pick a Dinosaur" to help your group choose a dinosaur to be responsible for in the museum.
After your dinosaur has been chosen,your task for this journey back in time is to collect facts about dinosaurs, their behaviors and paleontology. You will also become an expert on the dinosaur that has been assigned to you. After you have collected your data you will create a trading card to place on our class timeline in our museum gift shop. Then your group will create an exhibit for a class Dinosaur Museum. You will present your exhibit to the class to teach them about your dinosaur.


You will be working together as a group exploring web sites that your teacher has selected. You should start with the pages that are labeled 'Background Information' before chosing a role. Each person in the group has their own Task to complete and a separate set of web sites to use. There is a task organizer and an evaluation rubric in Background Information to guide your work.

Phase 1 - Background Information
These sites are important because they will provide basic information about the topic as a whole. Everyone should explore these sites before starting your Task.
Be sure to use the Dinosaur Picker to help you choose a dinosaur to be responsible for in our class museum.

Phase 2 - Roles
These roles were chosen because they each define the most important elements of Dinosaur. Each of you has been assigned a particular role with links and instructions below. Here are the general instructions for all of you. Please see your specific instructions and questions below.


1. One person from each group will choose a role.
2. Read through the files designated for your role. You can print out pages and underline the parts that you feel are important or cut and paste from the webpage into a word processor.

3. Remember to include the URL of the page you take information from so you can return to it and use it as a citation.

4. Focus what you've learned into one main opinion that answers the Big Quest(ion) or Task.

What was the size of your dinosaur?

When did your dinsoaur live?

Museum Curator:

Find at least one fun fact that museum visitors would find interesting about your dinosaur.

Dinosaur Dietician:

What did your dinosaur eat?


The Rubric will be used to determine your group's grade.

Phase 3 - Reaching Consensus
After each person in the group finds their information, your group will create a trading card. The front of the card should have a sketch or printed picture of your dinosaur. The back of the card should list the information found during your quest. After all groups are finished, the class will create a timeline to display the trading cards in chronological order.
Your group will also plan an exhibit that teaches others about your dinosaur. Be creative! You may wish to make a poster, diorama, mobile or scene with clay figures. Your exhibit must have labels and important facts


I know that you learned a lot about dinosaurs. Now that you have become an expert on your dinosaur be sure to learn about the other dinosaurs in your museum by studying the other exhibits.