Title: Recreation on the Coosa River



Title: Recreation on the Coosa River
Description: Students will complete research using the internet to answer questions about recreation on the Coosa River. Questions will cover a wide range of social studies topics related to the Coosa River.
Grade Level: 3-5
Curriculum: Social Studies




A family of ducks needs your help. They have to find things to do on the Coosa River. Since they are moving there, they need to know as much about it as they can. You will help them in their quest to find fun things to do near their new home.




The Duck family needs to know the history and geography of the Coosa River, as well as its recreation opportunities in Childersburg, AL. With this information, you will create a travel brochure for the Duck family.




Help the Duck family learn about their new home on the Coosa River by answering these questions. Use the web sites below each questions (or group of questions) to find the answers. With this information, you will also create a travel brochure.

•Where did the Coosa River get its name?
•What does the name mean?
•How long is the Coosa River?

•Where does the Coosa River begin and end?
•What kind of recreation can you participate along the Coosa River?


•How many man made lakes are along the Coosa River?
•What are the names of the lakes?
•Which of these lakes is near Childersburg?

•Use these websites to find ten interesting facts about the recreation near the Coosa River to include in your travel brochure.

Create one of the following projects using information from your research.
Digital Poster
Virtual Museum


Evaluation Rubric

Beginning 1
Developing 2
Very Good 3
Exemplary 4
Students use web sites to research various aspects of the Coosa River and answer questions provided on the process page.
Student does not use the internet to conduct research and fails to answer the questions correctly.
Student answers few questions correctly and visits some of the web sites.
Student answers most of the questions correctly after visiting most of the web sites.
Students visits all of the web sites and answers all of the questions correctly.
Student does not visit any web sites and does not provide any facts about the Coosa River.
Student visits some web sites and provides between one to five facts.
Student visits most web sites and provides between six to nine facts.
Student visits all web sites and provides ten or more facts.
Students create a trading card that showcases a recreational activity on the Coosa River
Student fails to create a trading card.
The student did not follow directions to create the trading cards. The student did not get into groups or trade at least one card with another student
The student followed all directions to create the trading cards. The student did not get into groups or trade at least one card with another student.
The student followed all directions to create the trading cards. The student got into groups and traded at least one card with another student.
Students will create a digital virtual museum that showcases what they have learned about the Coosa River.
Student does not create a digital virtual museum.
Student creates a virtual museum but does not complete it and it is not totally focused on the Coosa River.
Student creates a virtual museum but a few parts are not complete but writing is more focused on the coosa river.
Student creates a complete virtual museum with all rooms completed and focused on the Coosa River
Total Score: %100




Reflect on what you have learned about the Recreation on the Coosa River.
Make your own trading cards!Make at least one but you may make more. You will look at the different websites and find out information about the different kinds of recreation that have been used on the Coosa River. Be as creative as you like and trade them with a friend! You need to trade at least one of your cards with a friend.

1. Look at types of recreation that are used on the river.
2. Choose two types of recreation to use for your trading card. Save at least two pictures on the hard drive to create your trading card.
3. Go to Big Huge Labs and create a trading Card. Up load your picture. Write at lease two facts on your trading card. http://bighugelabs.com/deck.php
4. Email your trading card to me at kbroadhead@tcboe.org. On the line that asks who is sending the email put your name and kim.smithwick@yahoo.com as the email address.. I will print your card for you.
Find a friend to share your cards with and trade at least one card
Also, Create a trifold that encourages people to take care of the Coosa River so that it is available for the recreattion we have learned about the last few week.s